The Sneaker Factory Running Centers value MORE as a partner in many ways. Our customers appreciate knowing that their old shoes can be given a second life, and used for good, rather than sit in their closet, or worse off a landfill. One of the exciting moments is when a customer first learns that we have an outlet for them to donate their old shoes. There are many instances of individuals bringing in over a dozen pair of old shoes with promises to continue to bring more! From the aspect of environmental benefits, it ties in directly with what we love most… running outside! The earth has been good to humans for tens of thousands of years, and it is nice to know that there are individuals out there who want to keep it that way for tens of thousands more! Runners love being outside on the trails, roads, and tracks… it is important to the run community that these outlets remain healthy, beautiful, and clean. From not only Sneaker Factory, but the entire run community, many thanks to The MORE Foundation for your hard work!