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With every pair of gently used athletic shoes, MORE is able to plant one ton of carbon grounding trees and train poor farmers in sustainable agroforestry.

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Soccer Championship In Oropoli

MORE Foundation Group sponsors a variety of teams and groups with...

First Catholic Church Nursery Begins Germination

10,000 trees have recently began their germination process....

First Nursery

First Catholic Church to set up a 10,000 tree nursery.

In Ghana children are everywhere and love to play in the trees!

Above and Beyond, New Balance in Rehoboth Beach

The MORE Foundation Group has been diligently collecting your gently used...

Boy Scout Collects 6 Boxes of Shoes for MORE

Liam Smartt comes from a long line of Eagle Scouts and he too wanted to earn...

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Donor Testimonials

Now 3,000 tons of carbon have been pulled out of the atmosphere and five families have been able to lift themselves out of poverty resulting from customers used shoes.

New Balance in Rehoboth Beach

It has been great to partner with MORE. They have made recycling shoes a very easy thing to do!

Runners Edge

Our customers are happy to learn that their well-loved shoes are helping others instead of ending up in a landfill. 

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