November 2017 Progress Update

This year we have distributed one million tree seeds to rural farmers in Honduras and began the for the Capital of Ghana, Accra. A NOT so simple project: One million Kids get one million trees two feet tall to plant in the greater Accra area of 66 square miles. This would shade 20% of the ground within the capital (Accra)…a very hot place near the equator.

Already four Catholic churches in Accra have erected nurseries on schoolyards which yield 10,000 trees each. Thus far we have planted 15,000 trees along highways, in churchyards, and school grounds. Another 40,000 trees are now being germinated within our compound in Accra. We are delivering trees to school and churches. 200 to 1,000 trees at a time for a Tree Party and agroforestry training. The kids learn by planting and hearing tree stories.

One million trees in the capital will produce hundreds of millions of tree seeds each year. Billions in 20 years. MORE Foundation Group-Ghana will buy the seeds from Tree-Heroes Kids Clubs who collect and sort the seeds to make extra income. Important lessons in sustainable economic prosperity and environmental balance are learned along with income. In 2018 MORE Foundation Group-Ghana staff will distribute these seeds across Ghana by giving 1,000 trees to each rural family with grow bags and training. Over 300,000 poor rural farm families have received 1,000 trees in bags two feet tall.

The One Million Trees Project in the greater Accra area will save hundreds of million in air-conditioning costs alone. Rolling blackouts make energy important. Each mature tree will hold tens of thousands of gallons of water in the environment. Reducing ground temperature changes the climate. Commerce in tree seeds (from Accra) will move millions of trees across Ghana. One tree generates $300 in income across ten years. $300 is one year’s income for an average African.

All this is accomplished with used athletic shoes generously collected by you. Each kid’s tree can become hundreds of trees. With over 5,000 products made from trees, billions of dollars in commerce happen; helping to lift a country out of poverty. One pair of used athletic shoes can start a Tree-Hero on the road to sustainable wealth. Visit our website created to track progress in Accra

Thank you for your continued support. Please inform us as to how we can provide better service.
On behalf of the millions of people, your used Athletic shoes will touch, endless thanks for your kindness.