Runners Village

Runners Villages are in Ketu South and North of Volta region, Ghana. The original vegetation of the district is Savannal Woodland made up of short grassland with small clumps of bushes and trees as well as mangrove forest of mashland in some part of the districts. However, the extensive farming activities in the district have over the years reduced the natural vegetation. Amid these is cultivation of cassava, corn (maize), coconut, oil palm, pepper and blackberry.

Farmers in the districts continue to utilize natural resources in the way that exceeds the ability of the ecosystem to regenerate, prompting renewed call for farmers to reduce their ecological footprint. The effect of this ecological overshoot is the evidence by water shortages, desertification, reduced agricultural productivity, deforestation, biodiversity loss and the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Nothing is better than trees to sequestering carbon from the atmosphere; provide families in the district with food, medicine, timber, regenerate farmers land, fodder for livestock, honey and bee wax as well as improving the whole life of families in the districts.

Thanks to MORE Foundation Group and runners stores for establishment of 250,000 tree seedlings nursery at Dekkpor, Ghana and planted on 250 farms.