I, Mayfred Appiah Manu and my family wish to say a big thank you to PACERS for everything we have received under the MORE system. We are also grateful to PPPF for selecting us to benefit from the MORE program.
My husband, (Mr. Appiah Manu – may his soul rest in peace) always said ‘until ones last breath, there is always hope’. After he passed away six years ago, live became difficult for me and the kids. I was determined to box on renewing my hope every morning. God being so good, my family was selected to be a part of the MORE program. We received detailed training in many farming practices. As we were being taught, we asked ourselves, this is so simple, why are we not doing this already. But the summary of my story is that, the MORE farming system works. Using the MORE principles we harvest almost twice what we usually get on the same size of land.
My kid goes to other farms to teach them the MORE principles. Next month we are all planting trees around our farms. Now, we eat better, my kids are healthier. They love the bicycle, they love the poultry and they love the rabbits as well. I wish to tell you PACERS that this kind gesture will never go unnoticed by God. May the almighty richly bless you.

Mayfred and family, from left to right – Grace Manu, Theresah Ampofowaa, Prince Nti, Dorah Domah Foster Kwarteng, Gideon Manu, Emmanuel Wreko, Patrick Appiah

Mayfred receives MORE certificate from Hon. Animah Wilson