My name is Pastor Nana Kweku Mensah. I am now a Catechist of the Adenta Methodist Church in Accra. I am blessed with a wife and four children: 3 boys and one girl namely Joseph, Justice, Noah and Rosemary. I am the bread winner of my family and 5 other children who live with me from my wife’s and my extended family.

You may be asking yourself, how much does a Methodist catechist earn (besides blessings from Jesus) for me to be able to fend and cater for this battalion.

The Lord’s way of assisting me to care for my family is through the Blessing of the MORE system. Gal 6:7b says that “whatever a man sows, so shall he reap”. I sow using the MORE techniques I learned through the kindness of my sponsors from Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation, so my rabbits multiply so fast, so does my chicken. Joseph and Justice love to feed the rabbits. In the minor rainy season, I sold $20 (equivalent) worth of okra every three days for over six weeks. That was how the whole family was sustained during the period.

You will wonder, what is unique about the MORE system. I say, it is the integration of the profit centers. One of the components is always giving you income: if it is not mushrooms, it is cucumber, or cabbages, or chicken. I write hereby to express heartfelt thanks to my sponsors. May the Good Lord bless the founders and leaders of PPPF. May your prosperity never see an end just like mine.

Pastor Nana Kwaku Mensah