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We only need used athletic shoes to fund YMCA Programs in Ghana

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Over the next 10 years the 12,000 tree’s propagated by YMCA can generate Five Million Dollars (5,000,000 USD) in food, medicine, timber, and commodities creating commerce and prosperity. Help us generate 20 million in commodities with 50,000 pair of used athletic shoes and sequester 50,000 tons of carbon.

Used athletic shoes convert to tree seeds, training and tools creating jobs for our youth and lessons in environmental health. Just one pair of used athletic shoes generates hundreds of dollars in income from tree products with the MORE System. I am asking all of the YMCA’s in America to collect used athletic shoes for MORE Foundation Group. There is no cost to collecting used athletic shoes: free boxes and shipping are provided. Please help us show Africa the way to prosperity.

Kwabena Nketia Addae

Executive Director, Ghana YMCA

Photos of the 12,000 trees MORE germinated for YMCA Ghana

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Photos of an eight-foot cement well in Apewa

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