REPORT: MORE Tree Nursery in Devego Village in the Volta Region

On March 25, 2015, I was in Devego village to continue with works and have families to start preparing towards the planting season in April/May. I met some members on my arrival in the Devego village and they helped me to nurse some few swietenia and cedrela seeds I took along. This was because there were some few bags which did not germinate.

Normally, the seedlings are watered with water from the well but recently it has started raining. In addition to that, the MORE tree nursery in Devego village have seedlings ready for transplanting in the month of April/May and these are mahogany, pigeon pea, rain tree, cassia siamea and teak.

The only problem I identified was that few mahogany seedlings had their leaves dying off due to a leaf burn disease. The recommendation I made to them was to prune the infested leaves of the mahogany seedlings using scissors, should they use their bare hands will cause bruises of seedlings, which will lead to damage and shock of seedlings. The pruning will force new leaves to shoot up.

I finally took my leave back to Accra. In the evening, I received a call from the nursery manager confirming the finishing of the pruning of the infested mahogany leaves.
Nevertheless, I congratulated them for their selfless effort towards the well-being of the Devego nursery.

Thank you,

Totimeh Enoch Mensah

PS, here are photo’s from my visit: