Letter of Appreciation:  I am Allorsis Frempong. I represent the Allorsis Family. I was very happy to be selected by Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation and to be sponsored by Kenneth Square YMCA and the Philadelphia Marathon.

I have always wanted to set up my personal farm since I was a kid. But I did not want to have an ordinary farm. I heard about MORE training, but I had not enough money to support myself to attend the course. So when Mr. Samuel announced to me that I have been selected by PPPF to benefit from the MORE training and that I will be assisted to set up my own farm after the training, I was so happy.

Now here I am, with enough traning and skills to effectively manage my own MORE farm, and I have my own integrated farm. My rabbits do not stop multiplying, and I always have vegetables to sell.  I am very grateful.

Thank you,
Allorsis Frempong

Allorsis: Healthy Rabbits multiply