I have been collecting sneakers at Y’s for three years now. I am a member of the West Morris Y and so I regularly see and talk to our members about their sneaker donations.

I can tell you that for three years our barrel has consistently been filling up at about the rate of 40 sneakers every 10 to 14 days!

Often as I am emptying our barrel members stop to chat, ask questions and or help me. Each time I tell the story of all the good that comes from their donations people are amazed and delighted!

Often they are just happy to have somewhere to bring all their old sneakers!!!! The fact that their donation contributes to so much good is icing on the cake!

YMCA’s are the perfect fit for helping PPP foundation. People who choose to belong to Y’s understand the mission statement. Y’s are NOT gyms, we are a COMMUNITY who CARES about helping FAMILIES! We help build strong kids, strong families, strong communities around the world!!

Chris O’Mara

It has been our pleasure to work with PPPF Africa for the past several years. This marvelous agency has a unique way of eradicating poverty in Africa – through donations of used athletic shoes – something to which YMCA members have access! A focus of the YMCA is SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. PPPF Africa provides YMCAs a global opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in Africa to reach their potential and make their communities stronger. Please join us!

J Terry Rasberry

It is hard to imagine that an act as simple as collecting used sneakers and athletic shoes can have such an enormous impact in Africa. Members really appreciate having a place to put their used sneakers and incredibly it provides the fuel that Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation ultimately needs to provide irrigation systems for families in Ghana. A very simple formula that has already proven to be successful!

Bill Lamia