Another batch of Peace Corps volunteers received training in the MORE system from the 22nd to the 26th of March 2009. The 33 PC volunteers and their local counterparts received training in 4 modules of the MORE system including agro-forestry and tree nurseries, bee keeping, rural poultry, and mushroom production. Speaking during the ceremony, Mr. Samuel Danquah, the head of the Environmental Section of the Peace Corps said the previous batches of Peace Corps volunteers who received the training were very impressed with the MORE skills and its level of applicability at the community level. He mentioned that in an end of year evaluation 100% of the volunteers who received the training said the skills were very applicable in their work at the village and community levels. He intimated that, Peace Corps Ghana is very grateful for the MORE skills and that they shall continue to bring batch after batch to benefit from the training. He also mentioned that Peace Corps Ghana will want to set up their own MORE system to for continuous training and supply of MORE materials for volunteers in the near future.