My name is Yaa Adoma. I am the mother of the Yaa Adoma Family. My family is one of the first 10 selected and sponsored to receive training and set up in the MORE system. None of my grandparents as well as my parents went to school. I never went beyond class 6 either. My parents and grandparents were all farmers and so am I. So you can imagine my joy when I was selected to receive training in the MORE system.

I told my colleagues that the name MORE sounds good to me, so whatever the name meant, it will be good and lo and behold, it is good.

Before I received sponsorship from PPPF my farm was mainly consisted of cassava, plantain, cocoyam, and corn. After I received the training and support, now I farm tomatoes, garden eggs, ‘abedru’, pepper, cabbage, etc. I also have chicken, mushrooms, and rabbits. This year, I am going to prune my own trees for firewood and plant more.

My colleague farmers ask me always “adEn na wo deE wo ho nkyere wo da yi?” ‘why do you always look like you are not in any hardship at all’? I tell them that, the secret is MORE- the integrated prosperity farm. The most wonderful of all is that, even though I never went beyond class six, I now can and will take care of my children’s education until at least one completes university.

I am very grateful to my sponsors SPY Aquatics/ Gotta Run and PPPF for this wonderful experience; and especially for the shoes given to my family. My kids are still wearing them to school after two years. My house address is E28, Essienimpong. I am happy to show everybody my farm.

Thank you very much,

Nana Yaa Adoma for Yaa Adoma Family