Mensah Kportorgbui Family is from Yawune Village, Ghana is the family of the month November 2016. Due to unsustainable land use practice, slash and burn, monocropping, use of chemical weedicides contributed to a loss of soil moisture content and almost barren Mensah Kportorgbui Family land barren.

Last year, with the help of MORE Foundation Group, Mensah’s family farm was planted with agroforestry trees. The agroforestry techniques use was alley cropping. Today, Mensah is a proud owner of more trees on farm and able to grow corn (maize), cassava within these trees. The local crops are doing well due to leaves from trees regenerating their land and able to converse moisture for plant use. The local crops also provide food for Mensah Family and some are sold for income.

The trees are serving as pension and long term income to help send his children to school. Mensah family says thanks to all American donors.