Jerry Gikpe is from Glitame–Klikor village is the family of the month. MORE Forest Farming is working perfectly for Jerry Gikpe family. Agroforestry is 5 time more productive than monoculture.

MORE Forest Designs reflect awareness that permanent mixed plantings are inherently more sustainable than annual monocultures. MORE Forest safeguards and enrich soil ecosystems, enables plants form cooperative combination, make use of layers above and below soil and they create microclimate which soften hard winds and recycle rain.

Jerry Gikpe family is benefiting from more forest system. Jerry lost his wife few years ago and only have his children helped him with planting crops among trees given him by more foundation group. Jerry’s farm now has five annual crops and six different trees planted on his land.

Whiles the annual crops only give income in the short terms, the trees give income in short, medium and long term helping Jerry to sustainably manage his cash flow.

Thanks to MORE Foundation Group and all American donors.