Soccer Shoes and Tree Seeds improve the quality of life for MORE than 100,000 Honduran’s

MORE Foundation Group with the support of 100,000 Americans has supplied Three Million Tree Seeds and hundreds of pair of soccer shoes to rural farmers since 2010. MORE provides a variety of Tree seeds to established NGO’s dedicated to advancing Agroforestry in Honduras. Rural Agricultural Co-ops have or form Soccer Teams. Everyone loves soccer.

Soccer Championship In Oropoli

MORE Foundation Group sponsors a variety of teams and groups with the used athletic shoes that are donated along with more than one million tree seeds planted across Honduras every year. Fortunately, this year one of the five Honduran soccer teams MORE...

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140,800 Tree Seeds to Coapihl

Recently, MORE give a tree seed lot of 140,800 tree seeds to Coapihl - Honduras. They are going to a honey producers co-op. Setro is providing 50% tree seed donation and will continue supporting your program with the next donation to Cohorsil. The photo is with Mr....

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Supplying Soccer Shoes to Dozens of Soccer Teams in Honduras

MORE is expanding its reach to Honduras. Earlier this year, we donated 357,000 tree seeds to COHORSIL. We are connected to a soccer league whose teams are made up of young rural co-op farmers who plant trees. To support them, we supplied dozens of teams with soccer...

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357,000 Tree Seeds Donated to COHORSIL

The MORE Foundation Group has donated 357,000 tree seeds to COHORSIL in January 2015. Our recipient, COHORSIL, is a major farmer’s co-op located in Honduras. We donated these seeds to COHORSIL since they are an established organization that offers a wide range of...

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Shoes and Soccer Balls Donation in Oropoli, Honduras

Soccer shoes were generously donated to us by the Soccer Coaches of America, and YMCA's of America. MORE Foundation shipped 150 pair to orphanages in Honduras, along with 350,000 tree seeds for reforestation. We are working with youth groups to teach the value of...

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