Refresher Training Workshop for 30 Adopted Families and 17 new families on Four MORE Modules Completed in Essienimpong, EJisu Juaben Municipal

A one-week refresher training workshop for 30 adopted families and 17 new families on the waiting list has just been completed in the month of March at the Essienimpong Community in the Ejisu Juaben District. The workshop covered four of the Modules including, Rabbit production, Rural Poultry, Mushroom Production, Tree nurseries maintenance, transplanting management, and young tree care. Also covered under the workshop were Savings and Banking culture, Group dynamics and healthy food and nutrition.

The refresher workshop had become necessary because adopted families who are making more money requested training in savings and Banking culture. Others presented problems in their MORE farms that needed to be addressed and the families needed to receive new improved skills in the MORE system.

Present at the workshop was the Municipal Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) , and the MOFA Extension Officer in charge of the Essienimpong, Kwaso, Achinakrom and Abenase Division. Speaking at the ceremony, Mrs. Beatrice Asante Mante, the Municipal MOFA Director said, they have heard so much about the MORE system and the MORE training and she has been eager to participate in the training to observe its effectiveness. She is now convinced that the training is very appropriate and she would wish that all the farmers in her Municipal can benefit from the MORE training. The Extension Officer, Mr. Nchel also added that, the Ministry will continue to provide extension services to the Adopted farming families until their incomes increase tremendously.