MORE’s Farming System

Phase 1 – Infrastructure

Nursery & Well

Our staff first erects a nursery in each village with a new water well dug.

Water Pump

Each village receives a water pump to water 25,000 trees in their nursery.


Each family spends 5 months learning composting, seed germination and propagation, bio-char production, and sustainable agroforestry techniques.

Phase 2 – Tree Planting

Starter Bags

MORE provides 300,000 starter grow bags, farming tools, boots, and the highest quality seeds available.


MORE provides a full-time nursery manager for 8 months to insure that 25,000 saplings reach maturity and are planted.


Further, each family is given another 1,000 mixed tree seeds to germinate on their own as part of a sustainable reforestation program after year one jump start.


At the beginning of the rainy season, MORE staff assists in the planting of 1,000 trees on each farm.

Phase 3 – Sustainability

25 Farms

After the MORE staff leaves, there is a permanent tree nursery in the village and 25,000 trees planted on 25 farms within the village. In year two, many of the farmers will plant another 1,000 trees.

80% Survival Rate

So far, the farmers have achieved an 80% survival rate after the first year.


Each village will have dozens of products they can eat or consume within a few years.


Each family has the potential to harvest $100,000 worth of tree fruits, nuts, honey, lumber, hardwood, medicine’s, firewood, and much MORE within 20 years.