Mawupemor Azasu Family

Ms Mawupemor Azasu and her son are hard-working and the first to plant 2,000 trees in her village on 2.5 acres. Their land was degraded from over farming and has lost much of the nutrients in the soil. Now the land will come back with agroforestry. Thanks to MORE used shoe donors in America her child will see the land restored to sustainable condition. Mawupemor has planted all of her tree which include cascia spp, calliandra calothyrsus, mahoghany, leuccana leucocephala, saman samanca (rain tree), gliciridia and pigeon peas. Crops are grown between the trees for good results.

These trees bring alternative incomes starting with firewood in 2 years then nuts and fruits in 3 to 4 years, then many other incomes from honey, wood, protein leaf and medicine, and many foods. All this while the trees regenerate the land. Mawupemor Azasu Family is very grateful to their sponsors in America.

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