So far this year sixty (60) families have been sponsored (‘Adopted’) in Ghana. By the end of the year the number will be one hundred (100). We are training the families within each village center. Everyone in the village is invited to sit in on every training seminar. Only the sponsored families receive seeds and tools. We are now in five villages and will add families within these villages into next year.

The MORE Training has evolved over the last 7 years. The feedback we are getting from our farming families is that Tree Farming offers the most economic potential. While rabbits, mushrooms, snails, tomato’s, and poultry offered a steady stream of food harvested daily there is little opportunity for economic development due to the distances to markets and lack of feed and seed supply . Transport costs are already out of the reach of the poor farmer.

The vast majority of sponsored farmers have voted to increase the number of trees from 100 to 2000. They wish to replace mushroom, rabbit, poultry equipment and stock with a variety of income producing trees. By creating MORE TreeFarms families can work together toward the establishment a permanent tree nursery in each village. The objective is to provide each ‘adopted’ family with 200 trees every month FOREVER. The first years mix of seeds (2000) provided by us will produce short, medium, and long term profit centers.

Weekend training seminars in the villages once a month are producing profound results. The same MORE training will now be greatly expanded and enhanced with a reforestation (tree farming) program. By strengthening biodiversity with fast and slow growing trees each MORE TreeFarm Design will guarantee sustainable regeneration with perpetual harvesting for generations to come. Firewood, hardwood, high protein livestock/leaf feed, honey, regional medicinal, wildlife habitat, intercropping cassava, and dozens of income producing raw materials (fiber, food, and fuel) will insure a perpetual harvest and income.

With proper training, seeds, and tools, MORE TreeFarm farmers will be selling produce and tree seeds within one year along with other products. This will jump start economic development in villages. The tonnage of fire wood and livestock leaf/feed alone produced from 2,000 trees annually will support a family forever. Villages will design their own MORE TreeFarms based on markets for raw materials. Demand drives design. Five Tree Nurseries will be established in each of the current villages before the end of the year. Shade cloth has already been shipped to Ghana this year and 400 germination baskets have been fabricated in Ghana for rapid germination year round.

This year over 200,000 tree seeds will be distributed to 100 families for germination in village nurseries. Next year (2013) we plan to help families plant over one million trees on hundreds of MORE TreeFarms.

Announcement: January 2013 Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation will become MORE Foundation Group. Too many Americans complain about saying and spelling the full PPPF name. PPPF was the original name of the organization in Ghana. MORE Foundation Group is a registered 501 (3c) non-profit in the US and a registered not-for-profit, non-stock Delaware Corporation.

Kindest regards,

Jim Riordan

Please direct questions to: info@pppafrica.org