The family of the month is Detsiey Kwablavi Family. Massive deforestation and monocropping have caused Detsikey Family land to degrade over time. They were at the point where the only crops this family could grow on the land was corn and cassava. These have zapped nutrients from Detsikey farmland and leaves soil weak and unable to support healthy plant growth.

With help of MORE Foundation Group, the Detsikey Kwablavi Family is one of the many families supported with thousand mixed trees planted on their land. These trees will enrich and diverse crops whiles conserving water and preventing erosion. In short, medium and long-term Detsikey Kwablavi Family will no longer be hungry and move out of cycle of poverty.

Detsikey Kwablavi Family will get more food that will nourish the family and sustainable income that will enhance quality of life.
Thanks to all generous American donor.