My name is Ben Apedo. I represent the Apedo family sponsored by the Annapolis Striders. I have five siblings. When I was selected by PPPF to receive training and set-up support in the MORE system, I was so grateful. My initial vegetable farm during my training consisted of 30 beds which were 4 feet by 16 feet each (see picture 1 below). I raised so much vegetables that I made almost $830 equivalent from these beds. Without the MORE training, I wouldn’t have made even $300 from all the 30 beds.

My entire life has changed because of the knowledge and skills I received through the kind sponsorship of Annapolis Striders and Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation. Today, I have completed my National Service and I am now teaching what I learnt to young female farmers at the Women’s Training Institute at Bechem in the Brong Ahafo Region. This December 09, I intend to lead the school to win a Best Farmer Award. My own farm is thriving so well with various combinations of goats and tree crops, vegetables and rabbits, and so much corn.

I and my family are so grateful to my sponsors. My hope is that MORE young Ghanaians and families will receive the training in the MORE system all across Africa.

-Ben Apedo representing the Apedo Family