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We are asking for used athletic shoes to fight poverty, hunger, and global warming

This is accomplished by educating small farmers in the use of the MORE Farming System. This is the entire focus of MORE Foundation Group, a Not-for-profit Foundation registered in Delaware. We are 100% funded from the sale of ‘gently used athletic shoes’. Of the one billion pair of shoes placed in landfills each year we only need a few hundred thousand of those to reach a tipping point. Villagers seek opportunities to prosper, conserve natural habitat and regenerate regions that have been severely damaged. The highly qualified management of MORE Foundation in developing countries teaches small farmers and villages how to create Modular Organic Regenerative Environment’s (MORE).

With each 600 pair of shoes the adopted family will receive 12 months of hands-on MORE training. After MORE training is complete the family receives the tools, seeds, trees, and livestock to increase productivity as much as 1000%. MORE Foundation teaches the integrated MORE Farming System as well as small farm business management, rainforest resource conservation, capacity analysis, marketing research, profit center modeling, tribal community development, microfinance lending. As well as training in Co-op set up; how to form a village credit union with self-capitalized expansion. We also provide free medical assistance for the families protecting them from Malaria and other infectious diseases.

Kindest regards,

Jim Riordan, Director MORE Foundation Group


Our Approach


MORE Systems are micro-enterprise models designed to increase small farm productivity while creating a positive regional impact. Modular MORE farms are adaptable to almost any climate and allow for constant growth while accommodating periodic economic shifts and climate change. MORE Systems utilize portable components. Developed MORE farms are expandable sustainable eco-loops.


MORE Systems leave no negative foot print and require almost no energy import. Organic means no chemicals of any kind nor genetically modified seeds. All organic fertilizers and pesticides are locally sourced. Solar power eliminates the need for fossil fuels. Farm produced bio-fuels will sustain expansion.


The whole becomes greater then the sum of the parts on a developed MORE Farm. Bio-diversity enhancement strengthens, builds and protects natural resources. MORE Farms offer accelerated permaculture by utilizing natural resources with a vertically integrated approach.


A MORE Farm is an integrated expandable sustainable eco-loop natural living system. MORE Systems are small business micro-farm environments. Each modular system within each MORE Farm enhances the overall environment. East MORE Farm assists in the healing of the natural and global environment. The MORE Systematic approach mimics nature.


Jim Riordan
Founder and Director 

After a thirty year career as a builder/developer Jim founded Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation in 2004 to provide appropriate technology transfer for small rural farmers in Africa. Since 1980 Jim has been researching small scale food production models and irrigation technology ideally suited for the poor rural farmer. He has visited many emerging economies and been to Africa seven times since 1999.

The Miracle Pump Irrigation System and the integrated MORE Growing System developed by Jim and associates is currently being taught by the Kumasi Institute for Tropical Agriculture, located in Ghana West Africa.

Jim is passionate about demonstrating small scale farm models that sustain yields ten times greater then traditional African agricultural practice. He believes that with access to micro-credit, training, and appropriate technology small farmers and villages can grow themselves out of poverty.

Olivia Parr-Rud

Olivia is an internationally known speaker and author of Data Mining Cookbook (Wiley 2001). She has over 23 years experience in marketing with a 14-year emphasis in data mining and statistical analysis for a variety of industries. She is also a passionate spiritual seeker who incorporates a holistic approach to all of her corporate and altruistic pursuits.

Through OLIVIAGroup, she offers a combination of services designed to empower companies to maximize their marketing potential through strategic consulting, predictive modelling and data mining. Current clients include SIGMA Marketing, Xerox, Hewlett Packard and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Olivia teaches courses based on her book, “Data Mining Cookbook: Modeling Data for Marketing, Risk and Customer Relationship Management (Wiley 2001)”, now available in 4 languages. Olivia also provides one-on-one training worldwide via the Internet. She has just completed a home study course in predictive modeling.

Olivia has held senior management positions at Fleet Bank, National Liberty Insurance and Providian Bancorp. She has a BA in Mathematics from Gettysburg College and an MS in Decision and Information Systems, with a concentration in Statistics, from Arizona State University.

Joan Frederiks
Director of Marketing for French Speaking Nations

Joan is an expert in building technology and systems. He has traveled extensively as a result of his consulting business. He is fluent in six languages and has honed his management skills working in many cultures. From his many years working in Africa he has developed appropriate low cost building systems. Joan has directed every aspect of large construction projects and is constantly researching ways to improve quality and reduce construction costs while motivating labor. He is passionate about introducing alternative building materials where most needed. Joan is also a master chef and motor cycle enthusiast.
John ‘Jack’ Dickey (Advisor of Seed Bank Network and Alternative Hardwood Crops.)

With over 30 years in the seed production and seed brokering business Mr. Dickey brings considerable experience to the TechNet Team. Founder and owner of Dickey seed company Jack held the position of largest supplier of Soybean seeds in the southwest US for over a decade. His love of agriculture has been a life long passion. His knowledge of the seed business will allow thousands to increase their income with his understanding of biorotation and soil management.

For the last 10 years he has shifted his attention to the introduction of ‘hardwood crop’ farming. He has overseen the organization of hardwood plantations in several Central American countries. Currently he is continuing his research in Georgia and intends to teach people around the world the advantages of intercropping and sustainable agriculture.

Brendan Feeley
Board of Advisors

Brendan Feeley began his professional career in engineering in the mid 1970s after he received his Master’s degree from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He moved to London, England where he received a postgraduate fellowship in engineering at the City University.Brendan spent twenty years in the corporate world, initially in engineering and later in strategic planning and management, in both Europe and the USA. He took a graduate degree in Jungian Psychology in 1993 to add to his repertoire of people skills.

He is a well known teacher and consultant on the topic of vedic astrology in the Washington, DC area, and has presented at International conferences on the topic since the mid-1990s. He is a founding member of the Council of Vedic Astrologers (USA) and a Jyotish Kovid and Jyotish Visharad, titles that indicate one’s excellence in the subject. His focus is on embodied spirituality, the expression of soul, and the presence of that which is Divine and eternal. He believes the world itself and all its challenges become a path to glorious state of Self-Realization. He can be reached at 301-424-6644 or bpfeeley@aol.com.

James Pace
National Collection Coordinator

Scott Hemmons
Website and Marketing Director