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With every pair of gently used athletic shoes, MORE is able to plant one ton of carbon grounding trees and train poor farmers in sustainable agroforestry.

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Boy Scout Collects 6 Boxes of Shoes for MORE

Liam Smartt comes from a long line of Eagle Scouts and he too wanted to earn...
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Update from the MORE Compound in Accra – The Capital of Ghana

10,000 grow bags ready for seeding
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Setting up a 20,000 Tree Nursery in Downtown Accra — Ghana West Africa

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Runner’s Edge, Farmingdale, Store of the Month

Runner’s Edge is a local running and multi-sport retail shop located in...
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Jenkintown Running Company, Store of the Month

The Jenkintown Running Company (The Original Running Company), has been the...
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Mensah Kportorgbui Family, Family of Month

Mensah Kportorgbui Family is from Yawune Village, Ghana is the family of the...
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Detsikey Kwablavi, Family of the Month

The family of the month is Detsiey Kwablavi Family. Massive deforestation and...
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Ragged Mountain Running, Store of the Month

For 35 years, Ragged Mountain Running has always accepted customer’s old...
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140,800 Tree Seeds to Coapihl

Recently, MORE give a tree seed lot of 140,800 tree seeds to Coapihl -...
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July 2016 Update: Photos of MORE Families

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We donated 20,000 trees to 20 schools for Agroforestry training

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MORE Family Tree Planting Program

We have began planting in villages, here’s the photos of the families....
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